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Why book a retreat?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A retreat by its very definition means giving up and going home. A yoga retreat is where you will switch off from your every day normal life and tune back in to yourself. The stresses and strains of daily life, with crazy routines and information overload mean our bodies and minds could be at their most overworked right now.

Coming on a retreat with Wellness Escapes Spain first of all brings you to the warm and welcoming country of Spain. Whether you choose a mountain or coastal retreat, the Spanish sun will bathe most of your stresses away. I have chosen destinations that allow you to re-connect with nature alongside our daily yoga and pilates schedules. On some retreats we practise meditation and mindfulness and you get to explore the surrounding countryside or coast.

My Wellness Escapes are a mini break with a difference. You will leave feeling refreshed, re-energised and with tools to help you continue your healthy lifestyle. Contact me for more information on the retreats I am offering. There are limited places on each one as I like to be able to focus on each individual to ensure they get the most out of the retreat.

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