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Water in Winter!

Why You Need More Water In The Winter During the spring and summer months, it’s second nature to keep an ice cold water bottle on hand. What most people may not realize is that it’s equally, if not more important, to stay hydrated during the cooler months. Here’s why you need to make sure you’re getting enough water these winter months.

1. You may not feel as thirsty. While you are not outwardly sweating as much, especially during winter sports, you need to continually replenish liquids your body is using. Most moderately active adults need at least from 9 cups each day, but if you are participating in high-endurance sports, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you need to drink more liquids than that generalized guideline. And don’t think the only source of liquids has to be water — fresh fruits and vegetables typically have more than 90 percent water content and are a delicious way to replenish your water supply.

2. Your body uses more water to breathe. When the temperatures drop, your body starts to use more fluids to exhale. When you breathe outdoors in the cold, you see your breath. That condensation forms because your breath has more water content than the environment. Because this air is so dry, your body needs to humidify the air you take in, causing you to use more liquids.

3. Water helps fight weight gain. Whether it’s the spinach artichoke dip at your company work party or your mother’s pumpkin pie, extra calories are tough to avoid during the holiday season. When you sip water throughout the day and avoid dehydration, you’ll feel less hungry and are less likely to take in excess, empty calories.

4. Indoor heat is dehydrating. When it’s cold outside, people tend to be indoors more often, and the heated air in buildings is dry. If you don’t hydrate, you may experience dry, cracked lips and skin or digestion issues. #WellnessWithAli #WellnessEscapesSpain #WellnessEscapesUK

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