• Ali

Self Care - Self Love

Self-care is arguably an overused word nowadays. More than ever before, people are investing in expensive skincare or scented candles, fitting in workouts, and taking days off, all in the name of self-care. And yes, this is a great thing. Stop and focus on self care and love on our mental health and clarity. We can be overwhelmed by all the “self-care” trends we are supposed to be doing, which can actually stress us out further.

From today—Do what feels best for us, and do it consistently, making sure to always be investing in our own wellbeing.

The point of this bucket list is not to keep up with the latest health trends or spend a lot of money on unnecessary indulgences. The point is to pay attention to ourselves— to put our true self first (which means either turning off email when we are working too hard or turning off the TV when we are being too lazy), and find out the self-care practices that really make you calm, healthy, and happy.

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