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Pilates for me!

What I love about Pilates as a teacher is that it encompasses so many aspects of what I advise to clients and is the perfect partner to a physiotherapist and maintains flexibility, strength and mobility.

Pilates works for me because of the mind-body connection. As someone who juggles my daily teacher, therapies and expanding my retreat business, it is hard to get a break. For my day-to-day, I turn to Pilates as my form of meditation. Pilates requires you to focus on your breathing. It makes you tune in to your body parts - like the core, the entire time you're practicing. This allows me to tune out everything going on in my life and just focus on the flow of my movement. For some, yoga or meditation work well in keeping their mind still and focused but sadly neither practice did not work for me. Pilates is the only practice that allows me to quiet the mind, focus on the body, and be calm. It is the only way for me to achieve that mind-body connection.

Is this sustainable? I have come across over 65’s who were given exercise programmes by physios back in their 40’s and still do them every morning. This however is rare. Physio exercises let’s face it are not the most interesting but what is important about most injuries is that you will almost always need to do some specific exercises to keep that injury at bay. #WellnessWithAli #WellnessEscapesSpain #WellnessEscapesUK #WellnessMiniBreak #WellnessDays

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