• Ali

NLP Distinction.

‘Gob smacked’ just opened my emails to see my final results of 95% 🤭😵🤭 with another Distinction grade.

I was convinced I would just scrap through with 60% pass with the 240 questions, many areas I had never heard of before and 90% was written answers. I have learnt so much more than I did in my first NLP course.

NLP adds to my overall knowledge and skills for my face to face and online Life Coaching business. I love helping people and this therapy will definitely help so many more. My studies continue, building a new website, social media and course materials and looking to launch soon.

#WellnessWithAli 💙 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 💙 #SelfCare #PersonalWellBeing #CBTPractice #HelpingOthers

#WellnessEscapesSpain #WellnessEscapesUK

#LifeCoaching #MindfulHealth #SelfLove #SelfHealing

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