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Launched and Bookable #WellnessEscapesUK

Wow, we are excited! Launched and now bookable our #WellnessEscapesUK with the team at Haselbury Mill team, set deep in the depth of Somerset in outstanding and rolling 14 acres of lush grounds, luxury accommodation, award winning cuisine, steeped in history and full of calmness. We are waiting your arrival. With most of us being unable to travel for the best part of two years now is the time to celebrate and book your next Escape with no location forms, covn19 certificates, queuing or stress. We have 2 retreats available, for you with like minded people which will be your perfect holiday and motivate you to move your body! #WellnessWithAli #WellnessEscapesUK partnered with #WellnessEscapesSpain with Ali #NewLifeInTheSun.

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